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Sabotage against German radio vehicle in the harbor. Du kan også opne ei gpx fil for så lagre den som M-Column csv for å redigere i Excel. 23 February Bombs between Bruunsbro and Frederiksbro. 16 November Workshop in Vigenshus bombed. April 17 8 bombs against cannon emplacements at Riisvangen. 3 February Factory in Fredensgade torched. 9 October 2 explosions in workshop in the south harbor. 3 November 9 track switches between Østbanegården spotify premium gratis para iphone and Aarhus Central Station destroyed. Bartram in total informed on some 50 resistance members leading to many groups in and around the city being dismantled by German authorities, including the. Slet en celle (række og kolonne ) i tabellen, delete a cell (row and column ) in the table, more. Samsing Group in June 1944. Grethe Bartram from the communist and resistance environment in Aarhus was hired as an informant by the Gestapo in March/April 1944. March 13 Extensive rail sabotage. By 1943 weapons and supplies were arriving with regularity and communications had been established with the central resistance command and contacts. March 22 Electrical substation on Marselis Boulevard destroyed. The first shipment of weapons was collected in July and the first operation against the railway occurred later that month when the rail line to Randers was bombed as a means of testing equipment. 2 December German package depot at godsbanegården torched. Multi-kolonne csv, m-Column csv er ei vanleg csv fil, men i motsetning til vanleg csv kan M-Column csv innehalda like mange element som ei gpx fil.

April 20 Rail line between Aarhus and Brabrand bombed. See also 18 December Laundry facility in lage Mejlgade bombed. Kolonne 25 January 3 track switches between Aarhus central station and harbor destroyed 47 kan EPE også opnelagre som Mcolumn. Invasion of Normandy on June 6 6 November Factory in Vejlby destroyed 23 January Electrical substation at orthopedic hospital destroyed.

Multi-kolonne csv M-Column csv er ei vanleg csv fil, men i motsetning til vanleg csv kan M-Column csv innehalda like mange element som ei gpx fil.Denne kan ikkje brukast direkte i GPS, men er ei csv fil for å lage gpx.M-Column csv er mest hensiktsmessig å lage i Excel.

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16 October Cannon emplacement in Marselisborg Lystbådehavn bombed. Aarhus and with some 100 members it was one of the larger resistance groups in that area in the later years of the war. The group was created in response to the destruction of the resistance groups. April 26 lage index kolonne Workshop in Brabrand torched. Morevert, april 12 German barracks at the central train station blown 24 October Bombs lage index kolonne on rail line between Aarhus and Hasselager. April 20 3 trucks destroyed, on 13 December 1943 the British paratrooper Jakob Jensen was caught by the Gestapo in Aarhus. Insert a new cell row and column in the table morevert.

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21 February 5 rail cars destroyed.1, the organization was formed and based.