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to time which I confirmed by cranking up some raucous rocknroll. 728 Third Street, Unit C Mukilteo, WA 98275 USA Phone: (425) Fax: (425) E-mail: Website:. The SCS4T is more neutral vinna acoustiks mozart grand throughout the midband, lacking the Mozart Grand SEs obvious emphasis at around 1kHz and the depression above that; however, despite the Thiels neutrality in that region, its restricted bass makes it sound quite a bit leaner than the Vienna, which. Acoustic guitars, for example, had a body and a presence that made them sound all the more real, while pianos were reproduced with a fullness that gave them appropriate size and scale. However, the Mozart Grand SEs richness and presence in the vocal region didnt strike me as 100 accurate, something I know from having the reference-level Revel Ultima Salon2s on hand. The noteworthy differences between the original Mozart and the new SE are the use of the companys newer Spider-Cone driver for the bass-only driver, a polypropylene-based cone thats stiffer than their standard cone made of the polymer X3P (and used in the original Mozart) due. The original Mozart Grand debuted in 2005; the SE version is new this year. Both speakers had clean highs, but the Mozart Grand SEs silk-dome tweeter sounded vinna acoustiks mozart grand smoother and more refined than the SCS4Ts aluminum dome, which at times sounded a touch unruly and dry. Still, I think the difference was mainly attributable to my room, which is a lot bigger than that room in Montreal, and far more capable of supporting the surprisingly prodigious low-frequency output that a pair of Mozart Grand SEs can provide. Both have outrigger stands and feet that are as attractive as they are effective. Part of the difference probably had to do with the difference in amplification. Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand SE piqued my interest the first time I saw and heard it earlier this year at the Salon Son Image show in Montreal, Canada. Overall, the sound was fuller, richer, smoother, and much more present than Id experienced in Montreal, and with far better imaging specificity and soundstage depth.

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Mozart Grand Symphony Edition.It is nearly impossible to fully express the impact Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has had on the identity of our home, Vienna.This importance is the same with us at Vienna Acoustics and the model loudspeaker, now in its third generation.

The bestfinished, but also for its silkysmooth highs and. In addition to these difficult improvements in driver production. As with all our models, columbiaLegacy CK 65946, note. quot; fuller than I remembered hearing in Montreal. The unique thermoplastic used in all X3P cones. Its ultrasmooth and quite present midrange. We decided to continue researching ways of improving the crossover as well. The speakers ended up very far from the wall boundaries almost 5 from each sidewall. X3P is basically polypropylene, combining TPX, and about 8 from my lotto de 6 49 listening lage skigard chair. According to their literature, it is with this constant improvement in our driver production and testing that we found the first ways of making improvements to this model.

These speakers sound decidedly different, but which sounds better will be a matter of personal preference.Overall, the Mozart Grand SE is more about high musicality than ruthless accuracy, and makes no apologies for that - nor should.The final sonic improvements as a result of these collective changes are greater clarity, speed as well as greater bass extension without giving up any of the famed musical quality and rhythm inherent in all our designs.